About the Author

(In case you’re wondering, I am the human, not either of the sheep.)

Hello! My name is Savannah and at time of writing, I’ve been living on this earth for approximately 8,641 days, which makes me 23.658 years old. During these increasingly short feeling years, I’ve been lucky enough to have had a smashing time exploring our beautiful planet and falling in love with a variety of things: the natural world, the animal kingdom, space, technology, crafting, staying in education to avoid getting a Proper Job, and also mozzarella sticks. It’s my love of these things that inspire me to want to do my bit to help protect the planet we live on, not just so that I can continue to survive, but so everybody and everything that shares our home can too, both for now and for generations to come.

I’m right at the beginning of this quest to live a wilder life, so I’m not quite sure where it’s going to take me – there might be lifestyle, there might be science, there might be extensive coverage of every single small movement my pet gecko Ranna makes, who knows? I only hope that whatever comes out of this venture can help somebody, somewhere, feel like they’re able to make a difference.

However, I know that sometimes, saving the world isn’t everybody’s priority – sometimes it can seem too daunting, too expensive or too time consuming, and those who have a harder ride through life can feel excluded. I want live wild lives to be accessible, so that anybody with a wish to help make a different can do so – every single effort counts, whether it’s big or small, as when all of those acts are added together, they’re capable of changing the world. I’m only one viewpoint, though, so I’m going to try and be a platform for as many voices as possible.

If you have any comments, questions, feedback, interesting facts or random thoughts about your favourite Earth-saving activities – I’m very sociable and I would love to hear from you! You can follow me on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, or you can email me here.

Love, Savannah.

P.S this is all still a bit of a work-in-progress, so I am sorry for my terrible layout and general disorganisation. It’s something I’m working on, amidst all of the other things I am procrastinating.