Review: Splosh – refillable cleaning products! (Part 1)

Good eeeevening friends, I’m in a very good mood! I’ve just submitted my very last assignment of my undergraduate degree. As I’ve now got no big feats of work looming over me (don’t mention revision), I thought I’d exercise my blogging brain and type up my initial review of this exciting brand.

I live with my mother, who is very, very clean, and so we’re serious about our cleaning products. However, that also means that we go through quite a lot – there’s usually a dedicated general kitchen cleaning, bathroom cleaner, glass cleaner, toilet cleaner, hob cleaner, washing up liquid, floor cleaner.. you get the idea. There’s a lot of bottles. So, we’ve been looking for a way to reduce our waste without having to compromise on our cleaning, and that’s where Splosh came in. I’d heard about them through a zero-waste group on Facebook, and as some of our products were rapidly approaching empty, and I’d seen they were cruelty-free, I decided to try them out.

Getting the gist of things:

When you reach the website homepage, after a short scroll it’s pretty much clear what they’re about. You buy your cleaning products in a bottle, and then when it’s nearly empty, you order refills – so you can keep the bottle you already have.

Splosh - super simple.
It really is that simple!


As it was my first time shopping with Splosh, I kept my order relatively small. A kitchen cleaner, bathroom cleaner, and a floor cleaner (if you’ve ever been to my house, you’ll know how shiny my mother keeps the kitchen floor). We figured these would be the best products for us to review, as they’re also the things we use most frequently.


The actual ordering process was quite simple – we selected the bottles we wanted, and in the scents that we wanted. In total, I spent £6.85 on the three items – but postage was a little steep at £3.95. However, it was multiple products and so I’d expect pretty much the same anywhere else. Plus – refills are free postage!


The bottles arrived quite quickly, in a medium sized box packed with starch packing peanuts – which are super biodegradable, super fun to dissolve, and also if you lick the end and stick it to something (your pal’s forehead, for example, or perhaps in a nice arrangement on the window) they stick for ages. Included with the three bottles was also a nice user manual, which told us everything we need to know about the process of refilling the bottles.


Kitchen cleaner – this is as good as any other branded product we’ve used! Smells nice (we got clementine and lemon) – however we haven’t used it for a deep clean yet, only a general weekly clean. A little goes a long way, we didn’t use any more that we normally would.
Bathroom cleaner – Smells nice (spearmint and melon), and works as good as branded products, if not better, actually – this product works well on glass and is very, very good on chrome taps and other shiny bits – no streaks!
Floor cleaner – works just as well as a branded cleaner, however it struggled a little with tough patches, like the area round the hob after frying, for example. However, we’d have expected that from any product used so we’re not put off by this.



Once our products run out, we’re going to order some refills, and maybe even a couple more bottles to try. The refills come in pouches that fit through the letterbox, some are super concentrated as you add water to them in the bottle, and some are just straight up refills. Now, you might think, ‘surely there’s waste with the pouches?’ but alas, worry not – once you’ve got enough to fill the box they came in, you can send them right on back to Splosh and they’ll recycle them for you!

Other goodies:

– I really love that Splosh can keep count of how many bottles you’ve saved – with their very own bottle-ometer. This gradually ticks up each time you order refills instead of buying a new bottle, and gives you something tangible to help you see the difference you’re making. By using Splosh, you’ll be producing 97.5% less plastic waste – and that’s definitely something to be proud of.

– If your bottles break, or wear out, Splosh will replace them for free. This goes for the stickers on the bottle too – just let them know on your next order.

– The website is mobile-friendly so you can order your refills on the go – or there’s even an app! I haven’t used the refill service yet, as I’m still quite new to the process, but as soon as I do I’ll let you know how it goes.

For more information on ingredients, the process, the business themselves or to find the answers to any more questions you might have, take a wander over to their website.


Plus!! If you decide you like the look of what they’re offering, you can use the code ‘8F79KW66UC’ to get a lovely £3 off the purchase price of a starter box, as long as it’s over £15.


If you do try them, or if you’ve already tried – let me know! I’d love to hear how you got on with the process, and any products you’d particularly recommend. Happy eco-cleaning!

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